Matin Calin (aka Lait Sucre)

The name of this fragrance means “Morning Cuddle” (roughly translated), and I agree that wearing it will inspire a hug! “Lait Sucre” means “sugar milk” (again, roughly translated), which is a bit more descriptive of the scent. This is lightly sweet, but not too sugary. The warm milk notes in this scent are more prominent than in our Sweet Cream fragrance, in which the sweet sugar notes take center stage. I love them both! I’ve even worn both together & the aroma is quite soothing and, yes, cuddly. From our perfumer: “With a buttery note of milk and the sweetness of sugar candy and vanilla pod, this Comptoir Sud Pacifique® fragrance was rendered especially for us from the original, now-discontinued perfume, and this interpretation is true to it’s name. This is a comfort scent like a mug of warm sweet milk before bedtime. What more could a “sweet scent” lover want?”