Fizzy Pop

**New version as of 6/30/18**

My previous version of Fizzy Pop didn’t like to blend with wax, so when I found this version (called Mt. Dew by my supplier), I tested it – and loved it! It’s exactly what you look for in a sparkling, fizzy lemon-lime soda fragrance. This is also a fantastic blender; try pairing it with berries, herbals, bakery scents, even earthy scents like sandalwood & patchouli.

The version of Fizzy Pop described below will still be available upon request while my supply lasts.

Remember the Fizzy Pop incense we used to sell? We loved that scent, and so did a lot of you. We got requests for this scent in bath and body scents, even back then. I tested a lot of fragrances, looking for one that would come close to that citrusy, tangy lemon-lime-grapefruit scent with just a hint of bitter and the effervescence of soda water. This is it! This is more tart and complex than the other “lemon-lime soda” scents I tested.