Cap’n Crunch Berries

Smells like Captain Crunch cereal! Playful & fun.

From the perfumer: A fun, fruity explosion of sweet strawberry, glorious grape, playful plum and mouthwatering wild berries blend deliciously with dreamy notes of decadent buttercream. Fresh bakery tonalities tantalize the senses with the maple-sugary notion of something rich and tasty just pulled from the oven. A dusting of powdered sugar, creamy vanilla and enticing tonka bean complete this recognized and youthful treat for a fragrance that is simply scrumptious!

Note: This scent packs a punch in wax, but doesn’t always hold up to repeated meltings. As always, don’t put too much wax in your melter. You don’t need it, and this is an especially good scent to use frugally. 🙂

Photo credit: West Christy Photography @ westCphoto – Thank you, West!