Birthday Cake

I’ll admit it… I’m on an ongoing quest for the yummiest, most mouthwatering bakery scents out there. I just love them, and so do our customers! When I find one that really strikes me as exceptional, I’m utterly unable to resist buying it! From our perfumer: “This is hands-down the best Birthday Cake we have EVER smelled! Three years in the making, we finally found “THE” perfect blend of moist white cake and hurt-your-teeth sweet Buttercream vanilla frosting!… If you close your eyes and concentrate, you can ‘almost’ smell the little candy sprinkles. This is not “White Cake” simply renamed to Birthday Cake, ours has that thick, rich Buttercream frosting to set it apart…” If you like our Sugar Cookie fragrance, you’ll love Birthday Cake! This is especially nice in our Foaming Bath Butter.