Baby Grace (Philosophy type)


I’ll admit, when I saw the name of this scent I wasn’t expecting to like it. So when I took my first sniff of the sample we received from our perfumer, I could hardly believe my nose. It’s FABULOUS! Truly! It’s innocent, sure, but with a subtle seduction that means business! Many of our customers have told us our version is much better than the original. I can tell you for sure that it really lasts, especially in a roll-on perfume. From our perfumer: “Want to regress back to childhood? Start with our wonderful duplication of this Cristina Carlino classic! With the clean, sweet scent of innocence, our Baby Grace® duplication is powdery, feminine and soft with notes of Poppy, Green Accord, Pink Mimosa, Pepper, Creamy White Woods, and Musk. A slice of heaven!”

Photo credit Joshua Clay