Amour de Cacao (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type)


I seriously considered renaming this scent “For External Use Only” or “Wear Me, Don’t Eat Me” because it REALLY smells good enough to eat. This is sinfully rich and sweet, and I can’t find a good reason to stop smelling it… From our perfumer: “Positively addictive! This scent is an elegant fragrance confection infused with eroticism. A grounding base note of the aphrodisiac Cocoa Bean makes this scent a must for sharing. Passionately warm, unsweetened Dark Chocolate playfully dances with Vanilla and the surprise lilt of Star Fruit. A bright and delectable Orange Zest completes the intoxication with the warmth of a sunlit, Mediterranean grove. This is a scent so beautifully balanced and delicious, it will become your favorite sinful indulgence…staggeringly seductive in leave-on products.”

1 thought on “Amour de Cacao (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type)”

  1. This one I have gotten compliments on. This is a chocolate scent on me with a slight orange note. Thankfully the orange fades on me and the sweet chocolate stays. As I am not a fan of the orange. But as I mentioned before the sweeter scents stay and mix well with my chemistry. The tangy orange went away. On someone else the orange note may stay longer. The mix compliments each other well. Its all a matter of your taste and if you like the sweeter chocolate or tangy orange.

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