Can I request a special order or custom fragrance?

CUSTOM BLENDS – I love blending custom fragrances from the scents I have in my inventory, so please feel free to contact me to discuss ideas.

SPECIAL REQUESTS – If there’s a scent I don’t have in stock, I might be able to find it for you. There will usually be a minimum order. Please understand that my resources are limited and I might not be able to find the scent you want.

RETIRED SCENTS – My scent list was getting really huge and overwhelming, so I’ve started reducing the number of scents on my drop-down scent list. if there’s a scent you’ve ordered from me in the past but you don’t see it on the list anymore, please contact me to see if I still have it available. 

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  • maxanddaisy2007 says:
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    please add 2 bottles of Ylang Mimosa tomy order I was not sure how to do thid ? Sorry my 80 year old brain !! please add if possible to the order I just submitted… my email is thank you
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