**RETIRED – May still be available as a special request scent**

An uplifting light fruity combination of fresh ripe strawberries and grapes with floral undertones of jasmine and rose petals. This scent is really fruity & unique — I call it “grape for grown ups”!

1 thought on “Kudzu”

  1. My nose is SO-O-O HAPPY these days! Although I test-sniffed the other scents I bought most recently, the one I keep coming back to is Kudzu. Truly, “grape for adults,” and much more—almost captures the Pez-candy scent I’d love to see made. Just a little more hint of sweetness, and we’d have the Pez nailed—but Kudzu is extremely satisfying in its own right, for when I want a fruity scent that isn’t very sweet. I have already put a room-spray version in my cart for when I’m ready to place my next order. I will be spreading the word about this one to a friend who also enjoys fruity scents. It’s definitely tied with my other favorite scent, Frooty Loops!

    (Posted on behalf of Sandra Streeter)

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