Patchouli Sandalwood

Earthy & classic, for this blend we use 100% natural patchouli essential oil blended with a sweet sandalwood fragrance oil, to round it out. If you like patchouli but don’t want a strong patchouli, we recommend this blend. This fragrance gained popularity in the 60’s and it continues to be a favorite of our customers, both male and female. An Aromagik original blend.

1 thought on “Patchouli Sandalwood”

  1. I adore this scent – it may be my very favorite. It is a beautiful, sexy and sophisticated scent that is the grown-up version of a 60s hippie scent. It’s distinctive and I get a lot of compliments on it. I wear it to the office (as scented body oil) and it is not so strong that it bothers anyone. It smells fresh and happy and makes me feel good. I hope this one is around for a long time.

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