Falling In Love (Philosophy type)

I really love Philosophy’s fragrances. They’re just… so wearable. They’re sophisticated and playful at the same time. This is our 4th Philosophy scent duplicate, joining our incredibly popular versions of Amazing Grace (type), Baby Grace (type), and Pure Grace (type).


From our perfumer: “Our duplicate of Philosophy’s Falling In Love® fragrance is a faithful rendition of the scent that was ‘created for one reason and one reason only… to make a woman feel and smell absolutely, positively, sexy.’ This intricate scent is a blend of sweet vanilla top notes, with a floral heart and a blackberry musk base with a touch of amber…


‘You need this product if…

– you like lacy lingerie but don’t wear it- now you can!

– you want to add a sensual evening scent to your fragrance collection

– you want to feel and smell sexy

– you are a hopeless romantic’ “