Chinatown (Bond No. 9 New York type)

Retired 1/4/19; may still be available as a special request scent.

This is the type of fragrance that really appeals to me: it’s clean, fresh & has rich undertones of musk and warm woods. Floral, yes, but so complex that non-floral fans will like it too.

From our perfumer: “Chinatown starts initially very sweet, with oriental floral notes in abundance. But the almost cloying sweetness gives way to a fresher floral. Although Gardenia and Tuberose are abundantly evident, they do not overwhelm the basenotes of warm woods, patchouli, tonka bean and spices. Orange blossom and peony are less obvious supporting elements. Overall, the impression is that of a woody floral, very exotic, but sweet and accessible. Very unique, and very feminine. Bottom notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Teak, Guaiac Wood and Cedar; middle notes of Ginger, Tonka Bean, Cardamom, Cedar; and top notes of Peach Blossom, Bergamot, Peony, Gardenia, Tuberose, Orange Blossom.”