Salt Scrubs

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Get rid of dry skin, moisturize and scent yourself — all at the same time! I combine exfoliating salts, a skin-conditioning oil, and my most popular fragrance oils and essential oils to bring you a scented scrub that can be used in either your bathtub or shower.

Sold in a 26 oz. bottle.



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INGREDIENTS: Rice Bran Oil, Kosher Salt, Fragrance.

[icon color=”#000″ size=”12″ type=”icon-bookmark-empty” unit=”px” ]  Using salt scrubs is simple: Before you get out of the tub or turn off the shower, pour out a little bit of the scrub into your hand, gently rub it on your arms and legs to remove dead skin, rinse it off, then towel dry. The oils and fragrance will stay on your skin like a bath oil, making your skin feel smooth and moisturized. Gently toweling them off when you dry will allow your skin to retain just the right amount of moisturizing oils without feeling greasy.

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1 review for Salt Scrubs

  1. maxanddaisy2007 (verified owner)

    excellent product I have been using these fantastic salt scrubs for several years…my skin loves the feel of the salt scrub not to mention the wonderful fragrances.and being a senior citizen…paying attention to your skin is very important…..thank you Lyndy your the best , Phyllis

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