Alcohol-Free Perfumes

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By popular demand, I’m very proud to offer hand-blended alcohol-free perfume sprays and splashes.

Why my perfumes are better:

  • No alcohol.
  • Super concentrated.
  • Best scents.
  • Feels good on your skin.

I do not recommend perfumes in fragrances with a high concentration of cinnamon because they are likely to irritate your skin.

UPDATE: I have added 1/2 oz. SPRAYS to the product list. I’ll continue to offer these as long as I’m able to get the glass bottles at a reasonable price. The 1/2 oz SPLASH (no sprayer) is also still available.


INGREDIENTS: Cyclomethicone, Fragrance, Vitamin E.

Why my perfumes are better:

No alcohol. Unlike most perfume formulas, mine does not contain any alcohol. This means my scents last longer, and won’t dry out your skin. 

Super concentrated. I use the maximum amount of fragrance oil in my formula. By definition, a “parfum” contains between 15-25% fragrance oils, and the rest is usually some type of alcohol. My perfumes contain at least 25% fragrance oil, so they’re very concentrated. A little bit will go a very long way, and will usually last for hours.

Best scents. I use the same top-quality, concentrated fragrance oils that I use in my other fine personal care products. They cost me a little more, but my customers agree that they’re worth it.

I offer 1 milliliter perfume samples at the request of my customers.

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3 reviews for Alcohol-Free Perfumes

  1. Millicent Little (verified owner)

    I have been ordering perfume oils and lotions from Linda for many years now and her products always exceed my expectations!

  2. Micahe

    This is the best alcohol-free perfume spray and I’ve been enjoying it for years. It feels good on my skin and no matter what scent I choose, it is long-lasting. The 2-ounce bottle is the best value! With so many scents to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Great packaging, fast shipping and excellent customer service are the norm with

  3. Patti Anton

    I’m so happy. My perfume arrived and it’s amazing. Thank you. Can’t wait to order more. Happy valentines day.

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