Scent Layering

“How do I make my scents last?” 

This is a common question from my customers. My response: scent layering! Any combination of leave-on products can be used for scent layering. Pick your favorites — and use more than one!


  • Body Basic Lotion + Triple-Scented Body Mist + Roll-On Perfume + A Scent Sack in my pocket
  • Frizzle Fry + Body Butter + Alcohol-Free Perfume Spray


Here are some of my favorite tips for effective scent layering:

Warm Weather

  • Mist – For light fragrance without heavy oils, try my Hydrating Body & Hair Mist. For a cool & refreshing experience, keep it in the fridge at home or at work, or in the cooler at the beach or when hiking. To really boost scent layering, kick it up a notch by ordering your mists triple scented.
  • Moisturize – Try a touch of non-greasy lotion, especially if your skin tends to be dry even in warm weather. My Body Basic Lotion and Body Basic Cream are a great choice.

Cold Weather

  • Cream – For many of us, cold weather means dry, even flaky skin. My moisture-rich Body Butter is thick & packed full of vitamins and skin-loving oils and butters. Think of it as comfort food for your skin.
  • Scrub – Although you’ll enjoy using my Salt Scrub throughout the year, it’s particularly effective in cold weather for getting rid of dry, flaky skin on winter-weary arms and legs.

All Year

  • Oil – My After-Bath Body Oil Spray is always triple scented, so it’s perfect for your skin any time of year. Tames flakies in the winter, and extends your tan in the summer.
  • Perfume – Don’t forget perfumes! My Alcohol-Free Perfumes are fabulous for layering, and my Perfume Oils are the perfect size for tossing in your purse or backpack for a quick scent pick-me-up on the go.
  • Hair – Two words: Frizzle Fry! My leave-in conditioner is excellent for scent layering, and it lets you match your hair scent to your body scent.

Soap and body wash (“wash off” products) are not necessarily useful in scent layering because they’re not designed to leave fragrance on your skin (some do, but many won’t).

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