Small Shape Samplers (RTS)


I’ve put together some small samplers with 3 scents that go well together so you can melt a single scent or mix & match and get creative with your blending. You can also get more than one sampler and have even more blending options. They’re poured in my popular small shapes, so they’re really easy to use. 

These are packaged in wax-friendly polypropylene bags. Each bag weighs at least 3 ounces.

Here’s what’s in stock and ready to ship:

AMBER & MUSK SAMPLER #1 – Sensual Musk, Rose Sandalwood, Tibetan Amber

AT THE MOVIES #1 – Movie Theater Popcorn, Gummy Bears, Cherry Cola Slushie

BEACH SAMPLER #1 – Beach (type), Cerulean Blue, Seascape

BREAKFAST SAMPLER #1 – Breakfast Club, Blueberry Bacon Pancakes, Cafe Mocha

LAVENDER SAMPLER #1 – French Lavender, Toasted Marshmallow, Cinnamon Bark

LAUNDRY SAMPLER #1 – Clean Breeze, Country Clothesline & Snuggle

BAKERY FRUIT SAMPLER #1 – Lemon Frosted Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Strawberry Icing

BAKERY FRUIT SAMPLER #2 – Black Cherry, Almond Rum Cake, Vanilla Cream




[icon color=”#000″ size=”12″ type=”icon-bookmark-empty” unit=”px” ]   To use: Remove all packaging, cut large melts into smaller pieces and drop into a low-heat tart burner or other melter designed for no-wick candles or tarts. Do not cover, add water, or warm on stove. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave candles or tarts unattended.

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