Mini Wax Loaf (Create-A-Blend)


For those who don’t mind waiting for a custom pour and want a smaller wax loaf than my big Sliceable Loaves, I’m offering custom-poured mini wax loaves. These are made with my harder para-soy tart wax & can now be ordered in 8 or 12 ounce sizes. They’ll be bagged, not packaged in a loaf tin like my bigger loaves. 8 ounce loaves may not have the whipped wax layer.









New glitter options! Now you can choose whether or not you want glitter in your custom wax melts. Choose glitter, no glitter, or mica, which adds a fine shimmer.

Base Scent/Scent 1  – The bottom layer.

Scent 2 – The embeds and whipped wax layer on top (whipped wax on 12 oz only)

This is a FYN Create-A-Blend product, which means you can choose up to two different scents. If you want it to be one single scent for the whole thing, just select the same scent for Scents 1 & 2.

If you want a particular color and/or design or if you want me to add a third scent, message me to discuss what I can make for you.



Made to order & handcrafted, so each one will be totally unique. These will take a little longer to make, because I have to pour the shapes and let them harden before I can unmold them. Please allow a few extra days for shipping.

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