Extra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil

With Rice Bran Oil & Squalane

My Extra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil gently removes makeup, dirt and other impurities quickly and easily, and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh – not tight, not greasy.  Use as a makeup remover or in place of soap in your daily facial cleansing regimen.

Made with antioxidant-rich Rice Bran Oil and Olive Oil Squalane*, it’s unscented and preservative-free, making it the perfect cleanser for people with extremely sensitive skin.
*Not to be confused with Squalene (with an “e”), which is often derived from shark liver oil.

[icon color=”#000″ size=”12″ type=”icon-exclamation-sign” unit=”px” ]  Please note: This formula may not work with all skin types, and I can’t guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do. 


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[icon color=”#000″ size=”12″ type=”icon-bookmark-empty” unit=”px” ]  To Use: Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand, then gently rub around your face and neck. Rinse with cool or warm water and gently towel dry. Because this formula does not contain preservatives, please be very careful to not allow moisture to get into your container.

This is formulated to be very similar to DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil – at a fraction of the price.

[icon color=”#000″ size=”12″ type=”icon-bookmark-empty” unit=”px” ]  Here’s how I know it works.

For many years, I searched for a facial cleanser that would soothe and clean my extremely sensitive face. I was always left with red, irritated patches of dry skin. My face would flake around my nose, eyebrows and hairline, not just in the dry winter months, but throughout the year. It was ugly and painful. No matter what soap or “dermatologist recommended” facial cleanser I tried, nothing helped. Not even plain water.

When I first read about using oil to clean my face, I was very interested in learning more about it. I knew such a cleanser could be made without chemical preservatives, which I believe aggravated my skin problems. With some research, I learned that oil makes an excellent cleanser because it cleans gently without stripping your skin of its vital natural protective layer. Because oil attracts oil, excess oil is gently lifted off of the skin, along with dirt and other impurities.

You can read about the popular “Oil Cleansing Method” online. This information was very helpful for me, but I found the recommended cleansing routine was too time-consuming, and using just straight oil wasn’t what I needed. Not surprisingly, it left my face feeling greasy, and it didn’t solve my skin problems.

I searched for a very long time for a formula that I could make for myself, and I finally found what has been – for me – a miracle cleanser.

The ingredients are very basic, and the formula is water-soluble so the dirt that has been lifted is gently rinsed away. It won’t leave your face feeling greasy.

In addition to Rice Bran Oil (one of my all-time personal favorite oils), this formula also contains refined vegetable Squalane*, a phenomenal emollient derived from vitamin-rich olive oil that boosts the skin’s ability to naturally regenerate, nourish, hydrate, oxygenate and protect itself. Add a touch of Vitamin E and you’ve got one heck of a skin-loving cleanser.

My dry, irritated patches are gone and my skin feels fantastic. This amazing formula balances my skin like nothing else. I’m thrilled to be able to share this fantastic product with you.


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