Classic Horror Movie Wax Melt Sampler 2018

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Twenty five mini wax shots with a creepalicious theme! It’s my favorite time of year, and this year I’m feeling inspired by Classic Horror Movies. Don’t worry though, even if the scent description sounds shocking, they actually smell pretty rad. 😉

In this novelty scent sampler you’ll get:

  1. It Puts The Lotion In The Basket – The cool, sweet aroma of being held captive in a dank basement pit.
  2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Smells like gasoline, being chased and fear.
  3. Jeepers Creepers – Smells like burnt rubber, motor oil & terror.
  4. A Nightmare On Elm Street, Melt 1 – Smells like a creepy basement boiler room; old metal, steamy furnaces & sharp finger blades.
  5. A Nightmare On Elm Street, Melt 2 – Smells like strong, black coffee. Nine, ten, never sleep again…
  6. Children Of The Corn – Smells like buttery corn, of course. 😉
  7. Frankenstein – Smells like the dirt of a freshly exhumed grave.
  8. Dracula – Smells like wooden stakes and burning.
  9. The Mummy – Smells like bandages.
  10. Christine – Smells like motor oil and a car that just wants to be loved.
  11. Friday The 13th – Smells like the idyllic and perfectly harmless waters of Camp Crystal Lake.
  12. The Evil Dead – Smells like a creepy cabin out in the middle of the woods.
  13. Carrie – Smells like the sweet, metallic aroma of pig’s blood.
  14. The Exorcist – Smells like split pea soup with ham. Sorry, I had to.
  15. The Conjuring – I know it’s not really a “classic movie” but the scent was too good to pass up. Incense, spices, berries, sandalwood, a little bit of everything for a séance.
  16. Sleepy Hollow – Smells like dark woods, slithering vines, aged bark, and lichen.
  17. The Shining – Melt 1 smells like the dusty carpets of a very old hotel.
  18. The Shining – Melt 2 smells like the cleaning crew did its best to freshen things up before closing the hotel for the winter.
  19. The Shining – Melt 3 smells like Grady leading Jack deeper & deeper into a gin-induced madness.
  20. Halloween – Smells like a bag of Halloween treats, the last thing these unwitting teens will ever smell.
  21. Nosferatu – Smells musty and not at all like a rotting corpse. 
  22. Psycho – Smells like a root cellar, the perfect place for Mother to hang out.
  23. The Amityville Horror – A deceptively spicy, sweet blend of fig & tea tree that will lure you into thinking it’s safe to stay.
  24. Night of the Living Dead – Dark, spicy and smooth; not at all like how zombies walk.
  25. Rosemary’s Baby – Rosemary blended with baby powder. 

Disclaimer: This spooky sampler is just for fun! Not responsible for olfactory-induced fits of terror. Not every scent will smell exactly as described. Use at your own risk… 

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