Aroma/Refresher Oils


By popular demand, I’m now offering fragrance oils that can be used in tart warmers, oil diffusers, or to refresh Scent Sacks or refresh potpourri. This is a one-ounce amber glass bottle with a dropper.


Remember that most fragrance oils and essential oils will release a stronger scent when heated, but don’t get them too hot or they’ll quickly lose their scent or smell scorched. They’re also very flammable, so do not use with a tealight warmer and never leave them unattended.

I am blending these with a special fixative so the scent will last longer and diffuse better.

WARNING: Concentrated fragrance oils may damage some types of surfaces and stain fabrics.

How to Use:

In tart warmers or oil diffusers: Start with half a dropper-full in the dish of your tart warmer, and add more to boost the fragrance until you reach the desired scent level.

To refresh Scent Sacks: Carefully pour the contents into a zip-close sandwich bag. Add 1 or 2 droppers (3-6 ml) of refresher oil. Close bag and shake & scrunch to distribute the oil. Let it sit until oil is absorbed (usually about 24 hours). Use a funnel to put the granules back into the cloth sack.

If you have a flat warmer, you can use Tart Warmer Oils with small aluminum tins.

Additional Information

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